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Welcome to Rajouri Passenger Transport, your ultimate transportation solution for all your Car Lift or Bus Rental Dubai  .

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Car Lift Dubai Services in Rajouri Passenger Transport

We provide comprehensive solutions for your every transportation need. Whether you need school transportation, passenger transport, staff transport, or car lift services, we have got you covered. With a commitment to excellence, safety, and quality, Rajouri Passenger Transport is the best fit for all your transportation needs in the bustling city of Dubai.

Once you book with us, your journey becomes our priority.    

Our Extensive Fleet:

We take immense pride in providing an extensive well-maintained fleet to our diverse clients in Dubai. Our diverse range of vehicles includes,

Coasters: Car Lift Dubai

Our spacious full of amnesties coaster vans are the perfect choice for a larger group of people who demand extra space during their commute. Our coasters accommodate large groups of people whether it’s for family, staff, or car lift services in Dubai .

We also provide our coasters for family trips and corporate events as bus rentals in Dubai. We accommodate a much larger group of people with our multiple coaches. 

Car Lift Dubai
Coaster Bus rental Dubai

Hiace: Car Lift Dubai

Our Hiace vans are reliable options for both, small or large groups of people. These are the perfect choices for daily commutes such as passenger transport services, staff transport services, car lift services, and bus rental.

With ample storage space and enough legroom our Hiace vans are a perfect choice for a comfortable ride. 

Our Services : Car Lift Dubai

Car lift Dubai RPT Airpot Transfer

Airport Transport in Dubai:

Being the no. 1 transportation company in Dubai, we have extensive service sections to help our customers. Our airport transport service is one of them.

We provide airport pick and drop facility to everyone in need without the restriction of time. You can book one or many of our vehicles if you want to give your staff, client, or family an airport pick and drop service in Dubai.

Car Lift Dubai:

We are providing car lift anywhere in Dubai. With our extensive fleet of buses and experienced drivers, we are providing safe car lift services in Dubai. Our drivers will pick you up from your destination and drop you at your final destination safely.

We have different car lift options to help you with. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly pick and drop service in Dubai. Also, we have flexible schedule options for car lift services in Dubai.

Car Lift Dubai

Passenger Transport in Dubai:

Among the passenger transport companies in Dubai, Rajouri Passenger Transport is the best passenger transport servicess provider company. We take immense pride in providing the best passenger transport from one place to another in Dubai.

We have flexible schedule options for our passenger transport services. Also, we can customize one if you have a large group to get the passenger transport services.

School Transportation in Dubai:

Rest assured parents with the safety of your children, you hire the best school transportation services in Dubai.  Our specific fleet of school buses is best fit for you if you want on-time and safe transport of your child from school.

 Our school transportation service is the perfect choice for you because our school bus is equipped with all the necessary amenities, and safety protocols, and is well-maintained to avoid any emergency during the move.

School Transportation Services in Dubai
Car Lift Dubai

Staff transport:

Being an economical hub, Dubai is full of 5.5 million employees and they all need proper commute solutions. To help with the case, we provide staff transport services to all industries, and companies either public or private.

Many hotels and offices hired us for their staff transport service. We provide the best staff transport services in the town which makes us different from other staff transport companies in Dubai. 

Bus Rental Service in Dubai:

We provide our vehicles, Hiace, coaters, and school buses as bus rentals for family trips, corporate events, or school trips. Our spacious, comfortable, and modern fleet of vehicles will make us an ideal choice for your group excursion.

Out of all the bus rental companies in Dubai, we are your go-to choice with our extensive, well-maintained, fleet of buses.

Bus rental Dubai

Booking Process: Car Lift Dubai

The booking process at Rajouri Passenger Transport is a simple 4-step process, which is

  1. Select a Vehicle
  2. Send an Inquiry
  3. Book
  4. Payment

Enjoy the ride!

Main Service Routes at Rajouri Passenger Transport:

We at Rajouri Passenger Transport are mentioning the pick and drop points of our car lift services and others to help our clients with route knowledge,

  1. Car Lift service from Naif to Business Bay
  2. Car lift Service from Deira to Business Bay
  3. Car lift Service from Rigga to Business Bay
  4. Car lift Service from Abdul Hail to Business Bay

Our main service areas are where our vehicles go on time for pick and drop service in the morning and evening. Also, we can customize a route for you, your staff, and your school kids. For more details, contact us, today and get the best out of it.

Timings of Pick and Drop at Rajouri Passenger Transport:

Pick-up Timings – Car Lift Service:

Our vehicles start their journey from Deira and other pick-up points in the morning at these particular times to help you reach your location time. The timings are as follows,

  • 8 am
  • 9 am
  • 10 am
  • 11 am

In case you missed the vehicle you booked with due to any reason. You can contact us and we will give your location to our next bus to pick you up from your home. This applies to both morning and evening shifts.

Drop-Off Timings - Car Lift Service:

Our vehicles start their evening journey at their particular time to pick up our people from offices, and other locations at these particular times to ensure on-time move. The timings are as follows,

  • 4 pm
  • 5 pm
  • 6 pm
  • 7 pm
  • 8 pm
  • 9 om
  • 10 pm
  • 11 pm
  • 12 pm

In case, our timings don’t match your schedule timings, please contact us today. We will customize a new timing for you and your people. You are our strength and we would love to do that for you.

Why Pick Us as Your Next Transportation Provider?

Among the bus rental companies in Dubai, we are the leading transportation company. We reach this point because of our quality service

Diverse Fleet:

With our diverse range of fleet for car lift services and others, we are the perfect choice for you and your group. With our fleet, we provide the most luxurious, comfortable, and bumpy ride.

Trained Drivers:

Our trained, knowledgeable, and experienced drivers will give you a smooth ride without compromising on your comfort and safety. 

Doorstep Pick and Drop Service:

We care for you that’s why we are here for you with our doorstep pick and drop service in Dubai. Our drivers will pick you up from your doorstep in the morning and drop you at your door on return. 

Quality Services:

Our commitment to quality services is the emblem we put on. With our punctual team, we are the reliable solution for you. You can count on us to get to and from your destination every time, safe and sound.


We are providing market-competitive prices in our every service to help our clients get quality at the most affordable rates.


Our vehicles are equipped with all the safety tools to counter any emergency. Also, our drivers will make sure to take you to your destination in the most secure way possible.

24/7 Availability:

Whether it is a late-night car lift service or early morning school transfer and everything in between, we are here for you around the clock. You can contact us any time of the day to book our services.

Why Pick Us as Your Next Transportation Provider for Car Lift Dubai?

There are multiple options for you to contact us for our car lift services in Dubai.

  • You can call us at +971 55 440 0629, +971 50 1333800, or 04 2971293 for booking or inquiries.
  • You can send us an inquiry with your contact number at P.O.Box: 252268 Dubai- UAE.
  • You can email us at 

Office of Rajouri Passenger Transport:

Our office is in Deira, the oldest commercial hub in Dubai. The most historical area is north of Dubai Creek and South of the Sharjah border. Rajouri Passenger Transport provides a reliable transportation option to its historophile residents.

You can physically visit our office to book your next car lift services in Dubai or book online.

At Rajouri Passenger Transport Company, we don’t provide a usual car lift service in Dubai, we provide peace of mind. We are the best choice for you as bus rental, staff transport, passenger transport or car lift service and many more.

Enjoy the hassle-free journey with us. Experience the safety, reliability, punctuality, and customized solutions for different transportation problems with us. Your final destination is our fulfillment.

Book a vehicle now and enter the world of private car lift Dubai!

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